Train Routes near Yama

I drew this map in 2011, I think, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out, though I could have written more neatly! It shows mountains, lakes, train routes and train stations in one area of the Sohdi Mountains in Mirztieken, near the large city of Yama. The small town of Ūta, at the far right, is also notable, since I have a story about a family that lives there. The circles on the mountains and hills are supposed to show height (though I have no idea how realistic those heights are!). Note that -boree and bur mean “mountain” in Sohdi, so Yamaboree means Yama Mountain (literally Shining Mountain), and Bur Ūpar means Ūpar Mountain (literally Grey Mountain). I could have also labeled the rivers and lakes in Sohdi, but I think I hadn’t created the words for “river” and “lake” yet!

The red lines show train tracks that were usable during the time of Sören, a member of the Ūta family I have a story about. This would be around 1421, so 80 years from the present year (1501). The orange lines show new train tracks that were built later. Dotted lines are tunnels. I’ve also labeled all the train stations. Finally, note the compass rose in the bottom left corner – this map is sideways!

Uta Train Routes-1500

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