Members of the World Union, 1500-1505

The World Union, Sheesania’s governing body, is composed of ministers from each generally recognized country, representatives from generally disputed territories, a committee of representatives from each continent and two advisors, and finally a World Minister to direct, lead and organize it all. The country ministers can vote on treaties, international laws and other matters; the representatives can give speeches and advise the ministers, but they cannot vote.

The World Union is pretty powerful, mostly because it has the power of Unia and Jacia, Sheesania’s most powerful countries, behind it. It does a fairly good job of getting treaties signed and obeyed, and it certainly tries to promote human rights, but with limited success. Some people see the World Union as just being the playing field for a giant power struggle between the major countries of Sheesania; others see it as a great charitable organization for the advancement of humankind. The fact is that the members of the World Union are perfectly human, and therefore are somewhere between these two extremes.

The list of countries is too long to go over, but here’s an overview of the disputed territories and the countries with representatives in the Sheesania Committee. “Fircudia” is the name for the myriad of small islands nearby the continent of Lukok, which are mostly too disorganized to ever have a good chance of becoming an independent country. Phrox is a medium-sized island between Bonnalunom and Farhausen, which Sengoria still stubbornly holds on to – despite the fact that neither the rulers nor the native people are Sengorian; the rulers are only originally Sengorian. “Muhiiwuh” is the name for a group of islands in Fircudia inhabited by the descendants of the non-human (but similar to humans) Muhii, who have mixed a lot with humans. Tazhoma is an island fairly near Grecia which is an international dumping ground for criminals, but which has done amazingly well. (After all, see how good Australia has got along!)

Now for an overview of the countries with representatives in the Sheesania Committee. These countries are mostly major players internationally and in their continent, and they were chosen to join the extra-powerful Sheesania Committee for this reason. The Sheesania Committee serves as the ruling body of the World Union – it decides WU policies and makes any emergency decisions. Jacia (Kerisin Latevi) is a very powerful, democratic, rights-oriented, liberal country, one of the two big Sheesanian superpowers. Unia (Jacques Firusolvi), the second superpower, is larger than Jacia, but more conservative and oriented towards logic and reasoning. Unia is definitely very class-oriented, and has a rigid social structure, in contrast to Jacia, where social classes are at least not supposed to be there at all. These two countries dominate Sheesania’s politics much in the way large countries like the United States and China do in the real world. Sengoria (Revuron Cor-Locia) is realistically not too powerful in her home continent, Farhausen, but is a friend of Unia and Jacia and has a solid economy and government. Lastines (Norac Yem) was put on the Sheesania Committee as the representative of the continent of Grecia because Lastines is the seat of the World Union, and so has become the most powerful country in Grecia. Deisororgree (Meirkelee Theisul) is the most successful, technologically advanced, and generally together country in Tarbsinnia, despite the fact that it remains mostly a farming country. Monjae (Kehly Oami) is one of the better countries in the rather poor continent of Bodia, but that’s about all it has to make it special. Lukok (Dovrian Rèn) controls an amazingly large number of isolated islands for its size, and Lukok has dominated her continent’s foreign relations ever since it had foreign relations. Egeld (Dathis Nutica) is an industrial giant and has a fairly solid economy and government, in addition to being the most advanced country in Lufitantha, her continent. Jawswina (Chichon Yawi) controlled most of her continent Navilila for decades, and has strong industry and agriculture. Finally, Obtobai (Ifthalen Koyskālai) ruled the rest of Thomorai for a good few centuries (other Thomoraii countries still speak an Obtobian language), and today is a center for science and learning.

This list is current for the World Union term between 1500 (the current year in Sheesania) and 1505. A * next to a name means that that person is different from the person in the last term; a ° means that they are a member of the Sheesania Committee.

Countries and their Ministers

Country Minster Name
Abssia Everleen Landa* (female)
Ajkoran Feleti Ashabi
Alaquay Kervenai (no last name)
Alastian Aran (no last name)
Arandu Samuel Tipese°
Azon Lebrahnac Fvinn
Cacaras Viseni Nand
Canarsia (colonies of Tarbsinnia) Hevni Nano (w/ their mother country ministers)
Capron Kēlar Roie*
Carafilier Lesé bes Loré*
Chuisayw Mityen Loni
Coleridge Feer Ahdohn
Deisororgree Meirkelee Theisul*°
Deltatide Urnihai Kosyehen
Egeld Dathis Nutica°
Eloquot Thebeenas Krishky*
Fastcoast Sovar Riiēie*
Felixat Kias Enn-Lohpolen
Fish Islands Láhi Hévéltinás-ákóri
Frencha Escalò Mer-Medàni
Geisel Isles Ahoklep el Evnurn
Gourisson Nymar Rifra
Grecia Thesila Kier* (female)
Gulfian States Setyan Uhran (w/ advisors from each state)
Howsharte Azmal Krora*
Jacia Kerisin Latevi*°
Janeeka Kashri Gazagel*
Jasheret Ishora Kaelelila
Jauslauna Thisori Yaama*
Jawswina Chichon Yawi°
Jesrah Nilyt Nyrano
Kafa Monica Duharas Lai
Katon Ko Väolk Süolk Kaktalo*
Keefe isles Islawrēnē Evù
Keeshmorai Kejalai* (no last name)
Kokabay Asfolay (no last name)
Laguina Lemèmme Larene*
Lastines Norac Yem° (w/ Sheesania Commitee and World Minister)
Latrigle Elaheoo Maai
Lukok Dovrian Rèn°
Marddabba Coen Sutmy
Mirztieken Yēstē mur Cūli*
Monjae Kehly Oami°
Nardua Issul Kajeyney*
Nashuum Felip Noçi
New Frencha Kuaslé ve Ereslé
Obtobai Ifthalen Koyskālai
Oriansia Dapi Koni
Paola Kier Nahos
Peeskovai Penuhra Neif (female)
Rossettoo John Roma Roskenritch*
Saladan Mathili Duralice*
Santa Meluna Yuri Mahen Oian
Sengoria Revuron Cor-Locia*°
Sisaac Beri Kivaik*
Suclapo Selani Erōh*
Tajmen Feridias e Drêc
the Ners Kishli Erin*
Unia Jacques Firusolvi
Usiwati Kahulei Iflbrei*
Wowf Nannen Ami
Xanadu K’efevilat ma Elysys
Zebu Nooni Kerack


Disputed Territories & their Representatives

Disputed Territory Representative Name
Fircudia Merami Koisal*
Phrox Leax Entei
Muhiiwuh Larry Heputshishandsinhispocketsalot
Tazhoma Sard Lamorev


The Sheesania Committee

Head: Zethra Dūsti (World Minister)
Continent Representatives: Kerisin Latevi, Bonnalunom (Jacia)
Revuron Cor-Locia, Farhausen (Sengoria)
Norac Yem, Grecia (Lastines)
Jacques Firusolvi, Musu (Unia)
Meirkelee Theisul, Tarbsinnia (Deisororgree)
Kehly Oami, Bodia (Monjae)
Dovrian Rèn, Lukok (Lukok)
Dathis Nutica, Lufitantha (Egeld)
Chichon Yawi, Navilila (Jawswina)
Ifthalen Koyskālai, Thomorai (Obtobai)
Advisors: Samus Lostos (former Unia Minister)
Thomas Hassi (former World Minister)

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