Map of Mirztieken in Sohdi

This map is a Sohdi version of my map of Mirztieken, replacing words such as “river,” “lake,” “sea,” etc. with the Sohdi terms, as well as giving places the names that Sohdis would use. Here’s an overview of the Sohdi words I use and their translations, along with some specific names:

Vald (e.g. Mirzvald, Avaldūakacrēn): land
Tešar (e.g. Tešar Mir, Tešar Mieka): sea
Sitešar (Sitešar Smūri): bay, small sea
Bur (Bur Nyot): mountain, mount
Vaxeye (Vaxeye Blera, Vaxeye Nuhbji): lake
Vatòax (Vatòax Emiek, Vatòax Hàwi): island
Vatòax-a-vatòax (Vatòax-a-vatòax Ralta): group of many islands
Vax (Vax Zhû, Vax Plò): river
Sicrēn (Sicrēn Jäel): hills
Sä’ät (Sä’ät Disira): forest (literally “trees”)
G’ji Tirēm (G’ji Tirēm Aved): marsh (literally “wet place”)
Tirēm (Tirēm Brilka, Tirēm Clarm): place (used when Sohdi doesn’t have a specific word for that sort of place)

Sohdacrēn: Sohdi Mountains – Sohda crēn, “mountains”
Avaldūakacrēn: the land beyond the mountains – is “the,” vald is “land,” dūak is basically “beyond”, is “the” again, and finally crēn, “mountains”
Avaxūakacrēn: the river beyond the mountains

Mirztieken - Sohdi-1500

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