Map of Frencha in Frinci

I’ve been making up a bit about a country in Lufitantha, Frencha, recently, and so I decided that I had better draw a map of Frencha to keep its geography straight before I made up too much. And besides, drawing a map helps to inspire me! Since I’ve also been working on bits of Frencha’s language, Frinci, I decided to label the map all in Frinci. And here’s the result. I quite like how it turned out – I like how detailed it is and how many cities and towns there are. As always, you can click on the image to see it larger.


Note that as I labeled this map in Frinci, I used the Frinci names for everything, so Fastcoast became Vacgost, Gourisson became Ǩeresen, Eloquot became Kilesaf, etc. I also used the indigenous Frinci names for parts of Frencha, but in English I would usually use other names. For example, I would call Relaf “the Ramieu Territory,” and I might call the Ďňiif just “Southern Frencha.” Except that I love saying Ďňiif so I think I’ll keep using the Frinci term. 😉


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