Map of Egeld

This map turned out rather horribly, mostly due to overuse of my bad eraser. But I think it still looks okay, and it’ll be very useful as I work more on Egeld. I drew the boundaries between provinces – Egeld has 45 despite its small size – and the larger cities. The cities marked with a dot and a circle are the capitals of their respective provinces. There’s also a number in each province – the long list to the right has the names of all the provinces, using those numbers. And if you look at the key in the bottom right, you’ll see the meanings of the different colors. Finally, the names are all in the Egeldish language, which I’ve been working on a lot recently, and most of them, at least, have meanings!

So, Egeld is an imaginary country in the imaginary continent of Lufitantha, up in the northeastern corner. Egeld is mostly a farming country, but there’s a lot of industry as well – Egeld is the second biggest industrial center in Lufitantha, after Arandu. About 200 years ago, the Egeldish ruled most of Lufitantha, but they lost control within a few years and had some time of violence and anarchy before they formed a working government. Today, Egeld is doing well and is quite stable, though they did just fail at an attempt to take over Azon, to the south. Azon used to be part of Egeld, and it remains very unstable despite its independence, which prompted Egeld to take over with the excuse that they were bringing law and order. Partly due to this botched invasion (one of quite a few), Egeld is not very popular in the international community, as invading other countries isn’t really kosher at the moment in Sheesania. Their bad status is despite the fact that their representative in the World Union, Dathis Nutica (or Dāţis Nūtica in my standard Egeldish romanization), is a member of the political party of Zethra Dusti, the current World Minister.

The Egeldish government is run by a hierarchy of elected councils – Egeldish have ruled themselves through democratic councils for centuries. Even before there was a central government, Egeldish peasants would assemble and vote on questions like what to plant and how much to sell of their produce. Later on, Egeld was ruled by a council of all the land owners in the country. Today each province is represented in a central council by an elected official, but the election process and its various requirements and restrictions vary from province to province – a few provinces, for instance, still don’t let women act as their representatives. In general, the provinces are fairly independent of each other, and the central government tries to restrict them as little as possible. Some provinces require travel documents if you want to enter them; others don’t care. Some provinces make all their citizens get ID’s and register births, deaths, marriages, property, businesses, &c, &c, while others are rather lax. It varies a lot. The fact is that the central government is mostly concerned with foreign policy, the army, and maintaining roads and other such inter-provincial services (jobs often carried out by the army).

Egeldish are known outside of their country for being logical and sarcastic, but also very superstitious when it comes to some things – most Egeldish are quite fearful of ghosts and things relating to death in general. Egeldish have produced many important inventions and scientific discoveries, but have only a small artistic tradition and virtually no literary tradition. (Sniff. No analysis of imaginary Egeldish novels for me.) Egeldish culture is fairly individualistic, with people being relatively independent of their families. But democratic decision-making is very valued, and the community as a whole is seen as being more important than the individual to most Egeldish. (It was partly for this reason that the nobility never became very powerful in Egeld – the opinions and desires of the people under them carried too much weight.)

But anyhow – here, finally, is the map! As usual, you can click on it to see it larger, and as usual, I have my signature with my last-name-which-shall-remain-mysterious whited out.


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