Cover of The Cold Fury by Kury Mazdi

One day, I was feeling a little bored, and was browsing aimlessly around Amazon trying to find something interesting to look at. Then I remembered about the classic Sheesanian book I had made up, a novel called The Cold Fury, and thought of the cover of my copy of Great Expectations…which had a cover similar to many other classic books published by Penguin Classics. Hey, I thought, if I just got an image file of the Great Expectations cover, and changed the author and the title, and put in a different picture, it would look just like a real cover of The Cold Fury! (Even if in Sheesania, the cover would not be in English or English writing.)

So here is the original Great Expectations cover, borrowed from this Amazon page:

And here is my Cold Fury cover, which isn’t perfect, but looks believable enough for me:


I have no idea how the picture shrank. Blame MS Paint, which I was using, if need be.

Here’s a synopsis of The Cold Fury:

Torek Hamabi thought he was just an average 10-year-old Jacian orphan, with a similarly average name…until a couple who live in the wilds of the Canarsian colonies come to claim him as a long-lost relative, saying that one of their relations had a son also named Torek Hamabi. Against his will, they adopt him and bring him to their home in cold, snowy Canarsia, and Torek, now seemingly stuck for life, must learn to cope with this new, different, and hostile world.

Kury Mazdi, the author, visited Canarsia at one point, planning to stay there for a year or two to research this very book. But then he ended up loving the harsh beauty of the place, and so he married a Canarsian woman and settled down there for the rest of his life.

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