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Welcome to the home of Alison, otherwise known as “sheesania”, “me” and by various other aliases. I am a 17-year-old American world-creator, programmer, knitter, writer, conlanger, reader, thinker and follower of Jesus who lives in the Middle East and loves to be creative. Here you can find my assorted works of varying intelligence and interest: stories, made-up languages, programs, music, knitting projects, and, of course, things related to Sheesania itself.

What is Sheesania? Basically, it is an imaginary world, one I’ve been working on since I was about eight years old. It’s quite realistic (no magic, sorry) and quite similar to Earth (I have a definite fondness for my home planet), but it’s unique in its own special way. Working on all the different things that make up Sheesania and her peoples – culture, history, languages, geography, flora and fauna – over the years has been just plain fun, but it’s also been intellectually stimulating as I explore different aspects of the real world so I can play with them and twist them around in my imaginary world. And hopefully you will find both to be true as well if you choose to investigate this monumentous project of mine!

Besides my own creative works, you can also find my take on other people’s – book reviews, analyses of video games, comments on knitting patterns, arrangements of other music, tutorials, &c.

Feel free to take a look around! You can look at my latest posts below for some amusing juxtaposition, or investigate the links on the sidebar to find my posts on particular topics. If you have a question, comment, objection, compliment, $10,000 dollars, or copy of The Languages of Native North America for me, you can contact me here.



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  1. Hi, i’m inti and i just wanted to say thankyou, you really inspired me! thanks to you i am now making a website of my own! anyway i just wanted to say thanks, and also you have a really cool website here!

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