My real home: knitted Brandon Sanderson cosplay, my university’s computer science building, and a good friend taking the picture.

Welcome to the home of Alison, also known by other aliases such as “sheesania”, “Alison of Sheesania” and “me”. I am a 19-year-old programmer, worldbuilder, writer, knitter, conlanger, reader, thinker, and follower of Jesus. My passport is American, I grew up in the Middle East, and now I’m a college student in Indiana, so my geographical allegiances are anyone’s guess. Here you can find assorted creative works of mine, running the gamut in subject, interest, and level of intelligence: programs, stories, made-up languages, essays, music, knitting projects, and, of course, things related to Sheesania itself.

What is Sheesania? In essence, it’s an imaginary world, a fictional universe I’m been working on since I was about eight years old. It’s a hodgepodge of peoples, cultures, histories, languages, geography, flora and fauna borrowed from real life and then run through my brain, making up a world fairly similar to Earth overall (no magic, just the regular spectrum of human problems) but with its own foibles, absurdities, and flashes of brilliance for me to explore.

In a larger sense, though, Sheesania is the focus for the whole way I think and work – making my own things out of what I learn and experience, moving from knowing something to understanding it by using it to create something new. Working on Sheesania is how I figure out real-world culture, politics, geography, and languages, just like I figure out logic and structure by developing programs, humans and beauty by writing stories, and just how impractical and utterly cool a mistcloak is by knitting one. All my odd creative hobbies are my way to capture, play with, and hopefully understand a little of the intricate tapestry that is this fascinating universe.

As such, in addition to my own creative work, here you will also find my efforts to understand other people’s – tutorials, book reviews, analyses of video games, musical arrangements, and so forth.

Feel free to take a look around! You can look at my latest posts below for some amusing juxtaposition, or investigate the links on the sidebar to find my posts on particular topics. If you have a question, comment, objection, compliment, or signed numbered first edition of The Way of Kings for me, go ahead and contact me here. Running into random people and unexpected conversations is one of my favorite things about maintaining this website.



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  1. Hi, i’m inti and i just wanted to say thankyou, you really inspired me! thanks to you i am now making a website of my own! anyway i just wanted to say thanks, and also you have a really cool website here!

  2. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your article on ‘merciful engineering’. I’ve been in software for 20 years, all but three leading r&d on a real time motion capture engine used in vr training. I resigned this year stemming from the way my boss started treating my team during covid and the company wanting to partner with the Saudi police for training ( I’m not helping people arrest Christians).

    The search for a way to use my skills to actually further the cause of Christ and show love for my neighbor has been daunting so far. Reading about your journey gave me encouragement and shows I’m not alone, and for that I’m grateful.

    Thanks again

    1. Hey Cameron, I’m really glad you were encouraged by the article! Figuring out how to glorify God can be really challenging in the software field where there’s a lot of money flying around and it’s easy to get distracted from loving your neighbor…if that was ever a priority in the first place.

      And good sleuthing finding my mostly defunct blog, haha. Prayers for you to find some great new work after your resignation! And if you’re ever interested in my organization (which connects Christian tech professionals to ministries in need of help among other things), let me know 🙂

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