War Map of Olha’s War (Lukok/Laguina Conflict of 1403)

This map, one of my newer and better-done ones, is of a fairly short war/conflict between the islands of Lukok and Laguina in 1403 (that is, approximately 100 years before the current day). Lukok and Laguina have always been tense around each other, and so this was just one of many wars that they have had over the centuries. In 1403, they had not had any conflicts for a while, and tension was at its highest. Then a Laguine princess named Olha Lehana, sent to marry a Lukokish prince (this was a very common occurrence, as it was supposed to help stifle conflicts), caused trouble at the Lukokish court. It was the last straw, and the two countries attacked each other while Olha was exiled. Devey Rèn, Olha’s son, would later become king of Lukok.

This map is supposed to show the various military movements and battles of the Lukokish and Laguine generals, with numbers to show at what point they made these moves. For example, if you see one arrow with a 2 on it, and another arrow with a 2, they happened at the same time. Yes, it’s rather unrealistic, but it’s the best I can do for now! 🙂

The map has a key on it, but in case you can’t find it, can’t read it, or can’t understand it, here’s a key in text. Red is for Lukok; blue is for Laguina, so when you see an area shaded in red, it’s controlled by Lukok; in blue, it’s controlled by Laguina. This is also true for the movement arrows – when you see a red arrow, it’s a Lukokish movement; a blue arrow, Laguine movement. To show battles, I have circles, colored in with the color of whoever won the battle. With all of this, I am using numbers to show when certain movements were made. So for example, the large island south of Lukok (Smaller Lukok) is shaded blue and says “Lag. Control by 17”. This means that Laguina controlled Smaller Lukok by “17”, which is just a stand-in for an actual date. You can see other movements that happened at the same time on “17”: Sozbori went to Tyor and captured it for Laguina (see the circle by Tyor filled in with blue?) and Valot (Laguina) and Dehderu (Lukok) went to Dohsol and fought a battle, and Dehderu won (see the circle by Dohsol filled in with red?).

The Lukokish generals are Akhcoz (abbreviated to A) and Dehderu (abbreviated to D). These are their last names, by the way, and spelled and pronounced in a non-Lukokish way. (In Lukok their names are Akloş and Dedèrö.) The Laguine generals are Valot (V), Tsvet (T), and Yayaki (Y), and Valot has a helper named Sozbori (S) who sometimes went off on his own. Again, these are their last names, and not spelled in the Laguine way. (I haven’t figured out the Laguine language yet, though, so I can’t tell you how they are spelled Laguine-style.)

Quick note on some things on the map: the circle around the Muhii Isles is where Muhiiwuh is; the Mirztiekeni blockade was a protective wall of ships around the Lukok-facing side of Mirztieken, just to make sure that nothing got out of hand and they got attacked in the fray.

Now, just to make things more confusing, the names I gave the towns in Lukok are not the real Lukokish names – they are the names given to them by foreign Uniatic historians! So, working from top to bottom, Diegzhe to Tyor Dol, here are the real Lukokish names. (You can absolutely skip this if you’re already bored; the map is at the bottom of the page.)

Diegzhe – Dëejşan
Divitsol – Divìtsol
Jahhèhevdef – Jaevèdev
Vringèr – Vere:san
Asgardeno – Tereve:salsan
Setsel – Sètsol
Dohsol – Dôsol
Abrinu – Tòlsesan
Yalènef – Alènev
Yohinef – Ôninev
Terol – Teròl
Myreken – Mïreken
Delamy – Delamë
Yansignu – Ànsesan
Tyor – Tïor
Tyor Dol – Tïor Dol

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