Updates, as you may have noticed!

While I was recently traveling in America, I kept meeting people and thinking of referring them to my website, but not really wanting to because I knew a lot of it had been written many years ago and didn’t accurately reflect my current far more witty and intelligent self. And I also kept wanting to write book reviews and things about video games and other such stuff that didn’t really fit on my old website. And I was tired of having to maintain three websites and all their plugins and themes and whatnot. So I decided to do a big redesign and rewrite, which is what you’re looking at right now!

So, first of all, I’ve completely redone this site as a blog. The various categories on the left-hand sidebar are various categories of posts – on my old website, I only had a little blurb about how I liked so-and-so and any random things I wanted to put up about it at the time. I still have little blurbs (though they were all more or less rewritten), but now I also have posts relating to that topic. So in the “Writing” section, I have a bunch of posts of my poetry; in the “Books” section (which is NEW!) I have a book review at the moment.

And so now, finally, all my stuff…okay, fine, almost, barely-not-quite all my stuff is now on one website, making it easier for you to navigate and me to maintain. By the time you see this, I’ll probably have taken down the other discontinued parts of my website. But don’t fear! I still have all their old content, &c, so if you really need something from an older version of this website – contact me.

Speaking of older versions, I have removed some things I used to have – for instance, the archives of the very first version of this website, and some programs I doubt anybody will ever use. Again, if you for some reason want this stuff, you can contact me! There is just one thing I haven’t fully reposted yet, but will soon: the pictures and info about my knitting projects. I should have this done by the next decade at most, hopefully sooner.

With this new website, I’m hoping to post about all the other things I’m interested in as well as posting poetry and bits about Sheesania. Right now I’m working on a series of posts about Super Paper Mario, my favorite Wii game, though I think there are very few people in the world who are seriously silly enough to appreciate them.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy the new website!

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