The hiatus is over for now

In the 673 days since my last post on Sheesania, quite a number of interesting things have happened to me so that Present Alison is a little different from Past Alison:

  • I had two birthdays. Or more accurately, I had a lot of days between two birthdays, because the birthdays themselves did quite a bit less to change me than all the other days in between.
  • I finished high school and started college in the cornfields of Indiana, studying computer science at a Christian liberal arts school.
  • I had two internships doing software development work and learning how awesome LINQ, ReactJS, Scrum, and having money are.
  • I met Brandon Sanderson, talked to him, and even got to play Magic: The Gathering with him.
  • I knit an entire mistcloak, using more than 3 kilometers of yarn.
  • I watched Rogue One. My soul hurt. Enough said.
  • I started working on several new worlds in addition to Sheesania, some of which actually have magic or other significant speculative elements.
  • I discovered that I need to write short stories to stay sane at college. I am quite content with this price for sanity.

And I decided to get some of the things I’ve been working on together so I could post them here, and make Sheesania a better reflection of Present Alison. So over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a variety of stories, programs, essays, and other miscellaneous things that I’ve created in the last 673 days. And then we’ll just have to see what else I manage to come up with after that.

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