Super Paper Mario game script in Kindle format!

If you’ve been perusing this website for a while, you have probably been wondering how I’ve managed to come up with so many brilliant analyses of Super Paper Mario while also juggling my multitudinous other talents. Okay, fine, maybe you haven’t been wondering. But here’s how: I’ve had a copy of the Super Paper Mario game script written by Super Slash at my side the whole time. And now you can get your own copy! For free! In all-new…KINDLE format!


Silliness aside, I have found the game script to be very handy as I come up with theories and analyses and generally get as much fun out of SPM as I can. I only had a problem with it when I got the brilliant idea to put it on my Kindle, to make the script even easier to access and carry around with me (in case I’m really, really, really bored on the airplane). Super Slash’s plaintext version works well on a computer, but it doesn’t look very nice on a Kindle. So I got out my favorite LibreOffice plugin for find-and-replace, ran a lot of regular expressions on the plaintext version, fixed a lot of formatting problems caused by said regular expressions, slaughtered the occasional wild typo, and finished off with a linked Table of Contents since I figured it would be useful to learn how to make one. I think the result looks pretty nice.

SPM script

You can download my Super Paper Mario script for Kindle here. If you’re interested in getting the script in a different e-book format, you’d probably be best converting it yourself using something like Calibre – I don’t use any other e-book readers and so I won’t have an eye for what looks good on them. If you would like, you can use my original .ODT of the SPM script as the source of conversion instead of the Kindle file.

A note on the legality of putting this document on my website

Partly because it’s just a sensible thing to do, but also because of my religious beliefs, I want to make sure that what I’m posting on my website is legal. So I got permission from the original writer of the script to put it on my website, did a little research, got some advice, and took time to think things through before actually posting it. Ultimately I concluded that it is probably fine to put this script on my website, given that it was originally published at GameFAQs, a respectable website. My parents agree and my general experience with the Internet also leads me to feel that this is all right. However, if you have any objections or any more information, please comment or contact me and let me know. Obeying the law is a lot more important to me than being that random person who made a Kindle version of the Super Paper Mario script. 🙂


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