Sijilak, the reluctant king

This is set in the country of Oriansia, around the time that King Napios, King Ebert, and King Rebert had their reigns in Sengoria.

Sijilak never expected to be king. He never even wanted to be king. Indeed, he rather didn’t want to. And he might have ended up not ruling Oriansia if it wasn’t for his wife, Alsia the dolphin trainer, who was a peasant and a foreigner. If he hadn’t ruled Oriansia, then perhaps King Rebert would have never conquered Oriansia, and then he would have never been overthrown. At which King Amisos, one of Sheesania’s best kings, would have never come to the throne, and then…So basically, if it wasn’t for Queen Alsia, then much of the progress that went on during the next seven decades would have never happened. And while Sijilak is often credited for this, it was really his wife that drove him to do all he did. Plus she raised his son, Sneppe, who was to have a massive effect on world affairs for quite a while.

Sijilak was the third oldest son of King Oferte, a softhearted but usually firm ruler. His eldest son, Toldone, was expected to become king. If Toldone somehow didn’t survive, then the second oldest son Atatef would be king. Sijilak did not think at all that he would ever need to rule Oriansia. So he married a peasant girl, 18-year-old Alsia Vaneje, who was relatively famous for training and performing shows with her dolphin, Elmeaux.

One day Toldone and Atatef were hunting together when they came upon a notorious robber band known as the Trudje. The robbers captured the two princes and held them for ransom. King Oferte’s general suggested attacking the band, as it would be relatively easy to take back the two young men by force, but Oferte declined. He thought that it would be too tricky to find the hiding place of the Trudje. So they payed the ransom and expected Toldone and Atatef to be returned.

Unfortunately the Trudje were not about to do so. Seeing that King Oferte was quick to give them money, they charged a little more. And a little more. And a little more. So finally the King, in frustration, sent out his army to capture and kill the Trudje and find the princes. But the bandits found out what was happening, and quickly killed the princes. Then the army came upon them and punished them severely.

Suddenly Sijilak was the heir to the throne! He was living in a little cottage near the sea with Alsia and their two daughters. Alsia was out training her dolphin Elmeaux along with her children when a messenger arrived. Sijilak was so alarmed at the news that he immediately saddled a horse and set off for the capital to plead for someone else to be proclaimed heir. However, Alsia was a bit too quick for him. As soon as she discovered what her husband had done, she also set off for the capital, planning to intercept Sijilak.

Alsia did so, and managed to convince him that he should indeed become king. She wanted a great deal to become a queen. And besides, she honestly believed that Sijilak would make a wonderful ruler. So he went to his father the king and accepted his future regency. As a side effect of his sudden importance, he had to stay at the main palace, where Alsia could not train her dolphin. So he built a palace on the coast, which is today known as the Palace of Elmeaux, after Alsia’s dolphin.

Eventually old King Oferte died, and Sijilak was proclaimed king. He decided with Alsia that their oldest daughter (they now had three) Venetiae should be ruler after him, as she was a smart and capable young girl. However, he had something of a problem on his hands almost right away. King Rebert, made overzealous for war by his scheming advisor Vaswe, had decided to attempt to take over the whole continent–which included Oriansia, King Sijilak’s country.

King Sijilak was frozen. He had no idea what to do. When he received the news that King Rebert was attacking his eastern bases, he went to his room and stayed there, refusing to make any decisions. Queen Alsia, as usual, commanded the army and managed to stop Rebert’s first attack. She then rebuked her husband for “hiding away like a woman” in his room. Sijilak, while embarrassed, remained just as cowardly as ever. Later on King Rebert did manage to take Oriansia–while Queen Alsia was away in another country, writing a peace treaty.

But King Rebert’s empire soon fell, and Oriansia was its own country again. By this time Alsia had a son who was just two years old. She named him Sneppe and convinced Venetiae, the heir to the throne, to allow Sneppe to become king instead of her when Sijilak died. Sijilak was not very excited about having a two-year-old inherit the throne, especially because he was weak and could die any time, but he dared not argue with his wife.

King Sijilak died when little Sneppe was just five. Queen Alsia, knowing very well that this would happen, then became the regent, and would continue to be until Sneppe was nineteen. She managed to revive Oriansia after its trade had failed during Rebert’s brief reign. And she built a magnificent public building which is known as Alsia’s Hall today. It has a beautiful pattern of dolphins on the front, one of which looks exactly like Elmeaux.

So Sijilak, despite the fact that he hated being a king (he said so several times to Queen Alsia), was important in Oriansia’s history. His son Sneppe captured a large strip of land that had previously belonged to their neighbor country Sengoria, and started up many industries that had never existed in Oriansia before. Plus Alsia was a major player in bringing Oriansia back to life after Rebert’s destructive reign. Even if he hated his job, Sijilak did well in the long run.

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