Row Counter

The Row Counter is a simple cross-platform program for knitters to keep track of what row they’re on. I’m not sure when I originally wrote it; 2012, maybe?




Latest Version (1.2) (this is an executable file, you can probably just double-click on it to run it. For more information visit the main Computers & Programming page.)

Source Code for 1.2 (this is the Java code of the program. Most people don’t want this.)


When you first start the program, you should see a screen like this.


Click the “+” button to add to the row number, or click the “-” button to subtract from it.



If you want to set a particular number and would rather not spend ages clicking the “+” button, select the text field, enter a number (in numeral format – e.g. 6, not six) and press the return key. The status bar (bit at the bottom of the screen) should then report that the number was set.


Click the “X” in the top right of the window to exit.


Version 1.2 – Added status bar.

Version 1.1 – Added ability to enter number into the row field.

Version 1.0 – Just add/subtract buttons, with the row field being uneditable.

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