Oliver Twist shawl

Pattern: My Heaven
Made for: My friend Whitney
Yarn: 1 skein of KnitPicks Shimmer (alpaca/silk) in Blue Glass – it’s been tragically discontinued now

My sister and I had stayed at Whitney’s house for a few days while our parents went to a conference in another country. At the time, I was knitting my Fylleryd, and Whitney was very interested, so I showed her a bit about how to knit. Later on, I was trying to come up with an excuse to knit another lace shawl – I had already knit so many and I never used them – and I thought that Whitney would probably like one. So after some advice from her mom about what color to use, I knit this using a pattern I had enjoyed before. It was fun to knit, it turned out beautifully, and Whitney really liked it! Unfortunately it eventually got shrunk in the wash, but too bad – now Whitney’s little sister is enjoying it! 🙂

I knit this while listening to my mom read Oliver Twist. I do enjoy Dickens, but Oliver Twist was a bit…well, unplanned and a bit cheesy for me. But still fun to read. (Or listen to, rather.)


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