Map of Mirztieken

I drew this map, and a counterpart in the Sohdi language, in February of 2011. I really like how it turned out! Colorful, detailed, but not too loud. Mirztieken itself was one of my favorite countries for a while. It’s located in the continent of Lukok, and over history has generally kept to itself. Mirztieken has three main people groups: the Sohdi, the Aved, and the Mirz. The Sohdi live in the vast Sohda Mountains (the Sohdacrēn), while the Aved and Mirz live in the Sveniess (or Avaldūakacrēn). Various other people groups, mostly offshoots of the Sohdi, Aved, or Mirz, live near Mount Nyot, in the Dara Plains, in the Jäli Hills, in the Aved Marsh and on the islands of Ninũq, Smūri and Omri (Omri is the tiny unlabeled island with one city, Dyūntayē). Obviously, Mirztieken is very diverse! But originally, it was populated by just one people group. Later on, Uniatic refugees, led by a man named Mir, came to the island. They became the Mirz. Those who were friendly to the Mirz became the Aved, and the two groups frequently intermixed, though Mirz usually ruled. Most Aved lived in the Sveniess or on the islands of Ninũq and Smūri. The Sohdi were those in the Sohda Mountains, along with the modern-day Nyoti, Darese and Jäli. They generally were not as friendly to the Mirz, and resisted Mirzi efforts to control them.

But what about the people living in the Aved Marsh and on Omri Island? They are differently entirely. Despite its name, the Aved Marsh was not populated by Aveds; it is made up of many small tribes of “marsh peoples.” A few famous ones are the Burghae and Devoniss. These people have endured persecution by Mirzi and Aveds seeking to make use of the rich soil in the marshes, and while the government pays attention to them today, they remain a weak minority. The people of Omri Island are the Omriese, who have a strange and unique language unrelated to any other Sheesanian language. After they rebelled and tried to establish independence in 1499 (two years ago from the present year, 1501), Dyūntayē was almost completely destroyed. Most of the Omriese fled to a city on the coast of the Aved Marsh, Sxū, where there is a sizable Omriese population today.

As you can see from the map, Mirztieken is made up of many different kinds of terrain. Plains, farmland, marsh, forest, hills and mountains are all in Mirztieken. The most heavily populated area is the Sveniess, where there are many cities, but there are lots of people in the Sohda Mountains and the islands of Ninũq and Smūri too.

And so, without further ado, here is the map of the country of Mirztieken:


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