Map of Drisije

This is a map of the tectonic plates, geographical features, and climates of a new planet I’ve been working on. (It’s a much-improved version of the working map I proudly showed you the other day.) This planet is called Drisije – that’s supposed to be pronounced DRI-si-yay, but I am also happy if you pronounce it dri-SEEJ; I specifically chose a spelling of “Drisije” that would sound okay to me even if mispronounced. I could have made the proper pronunciation clearer by spelling it “Drisiyei” or “Drisiyay”, but I just don’t like how those look.

So, here’s the map! Dashed lines show the boundaries of tectonic plates; arrows show which way the plates are moving; brown designates mountains; gold designates dry, rocky land; yellow is desert; light green is temperate fertile land; and dark green is swampland. Click on the image to see it larger.


Drisije is a small planet, perhaps a quarter of the size of Earth. It isn’t tilted on its axis, so it doesn’t have noticeable seasonal changes in weather. But it has several moons that produce large regular tides as well as increased volcanic and seismic activity. Once you get to the surface of the planet, Drisije has a few other interesting attributes. For one, there are no trees. Grass, bushes, flowers – yes. But no trees. (This is why the equatorial areas are swampland, not rainforest.) Additionally, certain warm parts of the sea are filled with a membranous yellow stuff called nam – a life form, similar to a plant, that powers itself by the salt and heat in the sea. This makes the sea look golden-yellow in some areas. Some cold parts of the sea, meanwhile, are filled with dead nam that’s been pushed there by currents, and this makes the sea look red.

I haven’t worked out yet what other life there is on Drisije, but I do know that it’s the home of a few hundred million people that were brought there from Earth several thousand years ago by Sheesans. These people are just like normal human beings, except that some of them have magical powers – given to them by Sheesans as part of an experiment. I may post later about their powers and about other aspects of Drisijan life and society.

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