I am From

Originally written as part of an assignment to introduce myself for an Interpersonal Communication class.

I am from a dusty Arab city of smiling families unsure of their futures.
I am from Boston and interlaced subway lines in five colors and queer MIT students playing with lightsabers.
I am from friends in other countries who I only see every few months.
I am from unkempt Linux enthusiasts trading shell scripts, brilliance, and misogyny on IRC channels.
I am from Christians praying in tongues and writing research papers for the salvation of the world.
I am from forums of questionably sane book fans warring over minutiae and exclaiming together in awe.
I am from slant-roofed American churches with green lawns and blonde girls with purity rings.
I am from maps and stories of imaginary worlds and characters and languages.
I am from a family in stable happy orbit as worlds spin around them.
I am from fantasy novels with strange magic and joyful endings.
I am from a God of telos, meaning, fulfillment.

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