How to Tell if Somebody is a Hysleft, Elsafurian, Lat or Mawian

Hyslefts (HIZ-lefz), Elsafurians (el-sa-FOO-ree-ins), Lat (lat) and Mawians (MAO-ee-ins) are all major people groups of the Confederation of Latrigle, in the continent of Lufitantha. Latrigle is famous for welcoming and giving land to persecuted people groups from all over Sheesania – Hyslefts, Elsafurians and Mawians were not originally Latrigli. This is a little article on how to tell what people group a Latrigli is from. I imagine it being in a tourist’s guidebook to Latrigle. (Note that the person writing this seems to have a somewhat low opinion of Elsafurians. This is normal – most people other than Elsafurians and some Hyslefts do not like Elsafurians very much.)

Hyslefts are fairly dark-skinned, with black and occasionally gray eyes, and almost always black hair. They tend to have slight features – small noses, eyes and ears – and long faces, but not very bony or angular ones. They are usually slim and thin and carry themselves efficiently, quickly, and cheerfully. Both men and women wear lots of jewelry, and men usually have longish hair (down to the bottom of neck).

Elsafurians also have dark skin, but it is more blackish than Hyslefts (Hyslefts have dark brown skin). They almost always have brown eyes, but occasionally dark green or black. Elsafurian hair is usually black, but more tufty than Hysleft hair, and less shiny and silky. Their features tend to be large, e.g. big noses, eyes, and ears, and long, angular, sharp faces (also sharp noses and ears). Elsafurian men also have longish hair, like Hyslefts, but they usually wear turbans (Hyslefts never do). They generally carry themselves slowly and lazily, and do not often smile.

Quick tips for telling if somebody is Hysleft or Elsafurian: Wearing lots of jewelry, has small eyes, ears and nose, cheerful and friendly: Hysleft. Wearing a turban, has tufty, dull black hair, big eyes, ears and nose, going by slowly as if s/he doesn’t have anything to do: Elsafurian.

Lat (pure Lat – most Lat have mixed with Mawians; mixing with be discussed later) are very light-skinned, with blonde hair and blue or golden eyes. They have fairly large features, comparable to Elsafurians, but softer and smoother faces (though not small ones). Lat men generally cut their hair pretty short, and wear hats. They are friendly but go about their business quickly.

Mawians originally had somewhat dark, tanned-looking skin, but from centuries of mixing with Lat, they have lightened up considerably (but still tend to be a shade darker than Lat). They have green, hazel and blue eyes, very occasionally brown, and have brown or blonde hair (often dirty blonde or blondish brown). Their features are slighter than Lat, and they have softer, rounder faces, but not so slight features as Hyslefts. They have short hair, like Lat, and carry themselves in a cheerful, busy way. They often wear hats, but never wear much jewelry (none at all for boys and men!).

Quick tips for telling if somebody is Lat or Mawian: Realistically, there is little difference between Lat and Mawians, but a trained eye can usually discern the difference. Mawians will generally be a shade darker-skinned, a shade darker-haired, have green or hazel eyes in addition to blue, and have rounder, softer-edged faces; Lat will generally be extremely light-skinned and always have blonde hair and blue or golden eyes, and have larger noses, eyes, and ears. But if you’re not sure, figure that the person in question is Mawian, unless you’re in a Lat area. After all, it generally matters very little in the first place.

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