Flipside from Super Paper Mario on pennywhistle

Update as of 10 Feb 2014: I had some major errors in the sheet music…bother…so I uploaded a revised version, as well as a new recording of me playing it using a much better (if still not impressive) microphone.

Wikipedia informs me that the pennywhistle is “closely associated with Celtic music,” which would naturally include this piece from the Wii game Super Paper Mario, right? Right…? Okay, fine, maybe not. But Flipside does sound quite nice on a pennywhistle, and it makes for an amusing break from practicing more normal tunes for this instrument, so why not?

A few notes: I am definitely playing this in a non-traditional way – I’m tonguing every note, not using any of the ornaments, etc. I did try playing it in a more normal style for the pennywhistle, and trust me, this way sounds better for this particular piece! Also, contrary to the sheet music, I only repeated the main part once. I figure that if you’ve played Super Paper Mario you’ve already heard Flipside enough times. (I certainly have.)

The arrangement I used is my own variation on a piano arrangement from NinSheetMusic – in the end, it’s fairly different from the original in Super Paper Mario, but to me it’s still definitely Flipside. I have a PDF of it below. You can hear the original music from Super Paper Mario here.

And so, I present to you, Flipside! Now without free background static included thanks to my favorite disappearing microphone!

PDF of my updated Flipside arrangement for pennywhistle


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