Continent of Thomorai

An eight- or nine-year-old me drew this map with a set of nice color pens that my mother gave me to do tracing with. The discovery information at the top (“discovered by Callum Voken in 1345…”) is wrong, but the list of tribes is still correct. Most of Thomorai is really the same – hot, muggy, rainy, wet jungle and marsh, with many primitive tribes still hunting fish and fretoriods with stone-tipped spears – but every island has a few large cities that are known for being centers of philosophy and science. Peeskovai, Kokabay and Keeshmorai are pretty much the same: jungle islands with a few large cities. Obtobai, the smallest of the islands, is surprisingly the strongest in military might, and ruled the rest of Thomorai for a few hundred years. Alastian and Alaquay took power after the Obtobian empire crumbled, and they remain strong, mostly because they are supported by Sheesania’s superpowers, Unia and Jacia. Kafa Monica is less wet and has less vegetation than the rest of Thomorai, and is inhabited by a different people group, the Kafa.

Planet Sheesania
# of Countries 7
Northwards Musu
Southwards Sheesania’s South Pole
Eastwards The huge, mostly empty Duakdepva Ocean, and eventually Bonnalunom
Westwards Lots of sea, and eventually Bonnalunom
Geography Jungle and marsh


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