Continent of Lukok

I’m not sure when I made this map, but it sure isn’t very in-depth – the borders of the islands aren’t drawn in very much detail, and I didn’t add all the small islands that are nearby. The nice thing about that is that I can make up as many small islands as I want, whenever I want, without having to worry about whether they’re on the map! ūüôā Here’s an overview of the countries of Lukok. Confusingly, the¬†continent¬†Lukok contains a¬†country¬†named Lukok (LOO-kok), too. (Thankfully, people refer to inhabitants of the continent Lukok as “Lukokians”, not “Lukokish”, as people from the¬†country¬†are called.) Lukok is – most likely – the most powerful country, which is why the continent was named after her. Most of Lukok is overused, worn-out farmland that has been used for centuries without proper crop rotation, except for in Smaller Lukok, where the farmland has been taken care of better. The Lukokish people are mostly peasant farmers. In Laguina (LAG-yoo-ee-na), the land is similar to Smaller Lukok, but Laguines are generally richer than their Lukokish counterparts. Most Laguines farm or work as merchants and seafarers. Lukok and Laguina are racially related, and have similar cultures and languages, but they’ve been at each other’s throats for centuries. Lukok has a larger population, but is poorer, so it has a large but not very well equipped army; Laguina is small but rich, so it has a small but well-equipped army. Lukok supposedly controls most of the nearby small islands (known collectively as Fircudia) and Laguina supposedly holds a few, but many of these Fircudian islands actually govern themselves.¬†Mirztieken, to the west, is an island of mountains, hills, forests, farmland, and marshes, with a lot of different people groups and languages. She’s almost always kept to herself, and has a strong navy to help her do so.

Planet Sheesania
# of Countries Officially 3, but many of the smaller islands rule themselves
Northwards The sea
Southwards The sea
Eastwards The sea, and eventually Musu
Westwards A very big sea, and eventually Lufitantha
Geography Lukok and Laguina are forests and farmland; Mirztieken has mountains, marshes, forests, farmland, sandy islands…The small nearby Fircudian islands vary a lot in geography, ranging from desert islands to jungle islands.

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