Continent of Lufitantha

If I remember right, this map was made around 2009, when I finally understood the basic structure of rivers. However, I still didn’t exactly understand how twisty and complicated a country’s borders can be (though I’ve come up with explanations for why Lufitantha’s borders are so neat). Here’s a quick overview of the Lufitanthan countries. Arandu (a-ron-DOO) is quite rich nowadays, and exercises quite a bit of control over the rest of the countries. Suclapo (SOOK-la-poe) is famous for its beautiful mountains and horses, and for its delicious food – Suclapoi madroni (a cheese-like food) is the best in Sheesania. Katon Ko Väolk (katten koe valk) was settled by refugees from the marshes of Eloquot, it has a remarkable navy, and often sides with Arandu in conflicts. Gourisson (GYUR-is-sen) has a tumultuous past, having gone through more than 10 revolutions and switched sides more than anybody cares to count. Nowadays it’s pretty much back on its feet (partly due to the fact that the Gourish people have become very tough and resilient). Fastcoast (fast-coast) originally belonged to Gourisson, but the Fastcoastians are a different people group and don’t get along well with the Gourish, and besides, nobody wanted the bad Fastcoastian land. So they got their own country. Frencha (FREEN-cha) is a land of forests and farms. Eloquot (ee-LOK-wot) is very marshy and is inhabited by a wide variety of warring tribes. Latrigle (lat-RYE-gul) is quite interesting: it’s become a haven for any religious or ethnic group that isn’t welcome anywhere else, because it will give land and protection to pretty much any large and persecuted group that asks. For this reason, it has a variety of people: Mawians (originally from Jawswina, and who follow a particular religion), Elsafurians (originally from Eloquot. They have a very, very strange religion), Hysleft (originally Carafilieri thieves that now mostly work as migrant farm laborers), Lat (the original residents of Latrigle), and more. Egeld (ee-JELD) has a lot of farmland, but is known better for its inventions, such as guns and factory machines. It’s ruled Lufitantha in the past. Azon (A-zon) used to belong to Egeld, being very rich, but not so well militarily equipped. It’s known for its spices. Carafilier (care-a-fi-LEER) is the richest of all Lufitanthan countries: it not only has very productive farmland, but also has mountains with huge concentrations of gold, silver, precious stones and coal.

Planet Sheesania
# of Countries 11
Northwards Navilila
Southwards Farhausen
Eastwards The sea, and eventually Grecia
Westwards A very big sea, and eventually Lukok
Geography Varies a lot – Arandu, Frencha, Latrigle, Egeld and Katon Ko Väolk are farmland; Suclapo is mostly mountainous; Gourisson has both mountains and farmland; Fastcoast is pretty much waste land, hardly able to grow anything; Eloquot is marshy; Carafilier has high, barren mountains and very fertile foothills and farmland; Azon is similarly fertile farmland.


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