Continent of Grecia

This map is from around 2009, and the only inaccurate part of it is the exact placement of the houses/complexes in Lastines. Like Lukok, this continent is named after one of the countries within it (though unlike Lukok, the country that it’s named after isn’t the most important one). Grecia has three countries: Grecia, Paola and Lastines. All three have a sunny Mediterranean climate. Grecia and Paola are pretty much the same – relatively poor, but their people are happy. Lastines was also the same until the powerful World Union decided to base itself there, as Lastines is pretty much right in the middle of Sheesania. Now it has a more aristocratic, high-class atmosphere, thanks to all the diplomats and other dignitaries that frequently visit.

Planet Sheesania
# of Countries 3
Northwards Tarbsinnia, after a lot of sea
Southwards Sea and Sheesania’s South Pole
Eastwards Lufitantha after a bunch of sea
Westwards Musu, after a sea
Geography Green, sunny islands, with land that’s not the best, but good enough to grow a variety of foods

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