Continent of Bodia

I drew this map when I was…I think…eight or nine? Bodia has been a favorite at times, especially the country of Capron, where I’ve created stories about the tension between the currently-ruling Zenacocks (who were once the underdogs) and the currently-discriminated-against Ashabs (who were once the rulers). Gulfia has some interesting background – it’s actually made up of over 40 small micronations, but the World Union (the governing body of Sheesania) only officially accepts one country – “Gulfia”, a name which has long been used for that area of Bodia. Monjae has a climate similar to Turkey (I haven’t made up much else, except for a bad alphabet); the Ners are mostly fertile land and are inhabited by a strange, unique people group with a variety of peculiar customs.

Planet Sheesania
# of Countries Officially 6 (all the Ners are condensed into one), but realistically, more like 50
Northwards (really more northeast-wards) Lufitantha
Southwards (really more southeast-wards) Bonnalunom
Eastwards Farhausen
Westwards The sea, and eventually Musu
Geography Mostly desert (Capron, Ajkoran, Zebu, some parts of every country) but some fertile land