Complete Scan of Sheesania Notebook 1

Amazing! I can’t believe I finished it! A 169-page notebook, written from March 30 to September 5, filled with random notes and explanations about things in Sheesania (plus the occasional note regarding made-up things that are technically outside of Sheesania).

And so, without further ado, I present to you the raw, unedited – except for whiting out my signature and other private information – scans of the entire notebook, including the index. Yes, I am crazy enough to write an index for a notebook of random ideas, and yesit has already come in handy when I’m trying to find something!

You can download it from the link below if you’d like to look at it; it has quite a number of stories, maps, explanations, etc. that you might find interesting, but again, it’s completely raw and unedited. I did not carefully give all the background information for everything, and neither did I go over things and reword them so they don’t sound weird or awkward. But I know that if I found somebody else’s website about an imaginary world, and I saw that I could download scans of a whole notebook about it – I think I would enjoy the adventure of digging through it, finding interesting nuggets of information!

So here you go:
Download the Complete Scan of Sheesania Notebook 1

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