Ciceros shawl

(By the way, I am working on an article that has to do with Sheesania and is not full of linguistics. I’ve just been rather busy this week, so I haven’t had time to finish it. But it’s coming! Don’t lose hope!)

Pattern: Undine by Christine Ebers
Made for: ?? Me, I guess?
Yarn: 1 ball of KnitPicks Shimmer in Blue Glass (now discontinued, sob)
Made in: 2012

The name “Undine” reminds me of the Ciceros Undines, traveling whirlpools in the Wii game Endless Ocean: Blue World. Knitting this shawl made me want to play Endless Ocean again! But it’s only now, in 2014, that I’m actually bothering to replay it.

This shawl was also a really fast knit. I started it partway through a trip to America and easily finished it before we left, and we usually spend only a month and a half in the US! Since I didn’t have any way to block it while we were in the US (I can assure you that I tried, though), I was extra impatient to block it, so I pinned it out as soon as we got back to our home country. Then, jetlagged, I lay in bed, trying to go to sleep, thinking that maybe it would be dry by the time I woke up…

As you can hopefully see, this pattern worked really well with the variegated yarn – I’ll definitely keep it in mind next time I get hold of lace yarn like that.

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