This is part of a series of poems I hope to write about a plane flight.

I have been stamped out,
but not stamped in.
I have miles and miles and miles to go
before I am anywhere –
flying through a hypothetical nowhere,
on land, but not in land.
Somewhere in limbo through the airports and onto the planes,
over countries, over oceans –
there, but nowhere.


Ubuntu is a version of Linux (an operating system, like Windows or Mac, but free) that’s trying to be a normal, mainstream operating system.

Ubuntu, you are like a star trying to be the moon.
You’re perfectly fine as a star, you know,
But you INSIST that NO, I MUST be the moon.
So you keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger…
And do you know what happens after a star expands?


to dance is to hear
a voice in the music
a soul, a being, a life
to dance is to follow
the voice in the music
to rise and to fall with the
rising and falling of sound and of meaning
perfectly twirling in the music
to link your emotion with the feeling of song,
stopping and starting and loving and hating
with the music,
to dance and to sing with the rhythm and rhyme
of the dancing and singing of the music,
to slow, to finish, to draw to a close,
with the synchronized slowing, and finish, and closing,
of the fading twirl of the music.