Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes!
Any moment the veil of visible light
will be rent by the radiance dancing through the world,
too joyful to contain itself, bounding between atoms, bouncing off gravity, bursting blinding to break our
seven little slices of rainbow.
Close your eyes!
Your heart might catch the resonance of the universe
and vibrate until it breaks with joy
into singing dust.
Close your eyes!
Stay in the still darkness
where joy does not burn with sorrow
and knowledge never sears with mystery.
Close your eyes.

Explosions at Sunset

Some bombs went off at a prominent location near my house yesterday, as I was playing the piano. In truth, I got up right away and ran to the back room of our house because it’s safest…but once I had waited for a while I did go back and keep playing, with smoke in the distance.

smoke – clears – sirens – wail
I sit – my fingers still on
the piano keys –


Sound also follows
the law of supply and demand:

when there is little, every sound
is loud, clear, detailed, valued, expensive;

when there is much, every sound
is lost, soft, fuzzy, annoying, cheap;

a fan whirring in a storm of electronic buzz
is just another distraction, earsore,

but a fan whirring in a silent room
is a rhythmic lilt of wind.