Ack! I can’t record while playing sound!

I really like my computer, I have to say. It’s a bit low-end, but it’s small and portable while still having a fairly high-resolution screen. It runs fast enough for me most of the time, and it has enough RAM and the like to run Linux virtual machines. In general, I’ve been satisfied with it and haven’t had any problems.

Except for one rather annoying one. With the default settings with my Conexant High Definition Audio microphone jack, I can’t record sound if I’m playing sound at the same time.

Now, usually, I don’t need to play sound while I’m recording, but sometimes I do. For instance, when I played my “Angels We Have Heard on High” arrangement, I really did need to listen to the melody while I played the harmony parts. But if I tried, the resulting recording would be very quiet most of the time, then suddenly get loud, then get quiet, then have odd staticky sounds, then cut out…no matter what microphone I used, internal or external. Very, very annoying, because I tend to be most annoyed by problems that make no sense to me, and this one didn’t make much sense. However, I obviously did manage to finish my “Angels We Have Heard on High” project, so yes, I did fix the problem.

Here’s how I managed to record while playing sound without ending up with a wacko recording. First, I right-clicked on the volume control and picked “Recording devices”:


Then once that opened up, I selected my microphone and clicked “Properties”:


I went to the “Microphone Effects” tab:

Microphone Properties_2014-02-01_10-39-54

Then I unchecked “Acoustic Echo Cancellation” and clicked the “OK” button.

Microphone Properties_2014-02-01_10-40-24

And that fixed the problem. Now I can record while playing sound without any problem. So I don’t know if these odd issue has annoyed anybody else, but this is how I, at least, was able to fix it.

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